I keep this under the bed for emergencies.

I keep this under the bed for emergencies.

imagine if every computer and embedded microchip east of the Mississippi stopped working! Maybe we’re not exactly back to stone knives and bearskins, but you might want to dust off the typewriter. And prepare to put some serious time in on that bike — critical automotive electronics could indeed be fried.

via The Straight Dope: Could an electromagnetic pulse disrupt civilization?.

What would we do without our computers, smart phones, Tivo, and all that jazz?

5 Signs You May Not Be Ready for an EMP

  1. You check Facebook from your phone before your feet hit the floor in the morning.

  2. It’s not news if it’s not on Twitter

  3. You don’t know the windows in your home  can actually be opened — you’ve never tried.

  4. You can’t read your own handwriting.

  5. You’re dumb as a box of rocks without Wikipedia

What do you think?

Other than the normal survivalist stuff — guns, food, shelter — to what other dramatic life changes (preferably on the lighter side) would I have to adapt?