In the Under 30 Demographic:
-Among lay respondents: 50% opposed to revision, 30% neutral, 20% in favor.
-Among clergy respondents: 61.5% opposed to revision, 7.7% neutral, 30.8% in favor.
via Don’t Do It for the Kids: Of Hymnal Revision and Young Adults « The Curates Desk.


Interesting: Methodists in churches large and small are having discussions about worship, traditions, and “accessibility”. Our Episcopal brothers and sisters have had the same discussions. I wonder what Joey Reed, Sara Tate, et al think?

Also, the respondents to this poll were presumably “church people” — folks who are already attending church, are used to church. When we think about reaching out to “unchurched” people, how accessible are our services? How relevant are our hymns and songs?