Lindsay Lohan – from Wikipedia CC-SA

Lindsay Lohan is in legal trouble on both coasts after police in California finally decide that she lied to them back in June and police in New York don’t take kindly to her punching a woman in the meatpacking district.

How is she not behind bars or in a padded room somewhere? Here’s a summary of her brushes with the law since 2007:

  • July 2007, California – DUI (x2), BAC above .08 (x2), Cocaine (x2), Reckless Driving (Source: MTV); 1 day in detention, 3 years probation
  • July 2010, California – Probation Violation (Source: CNN); 90 day detention, 90 days counseling
  • September 2010, California – Probation Revoked, Failed Drug Test (Source: MTV)
  • February 2011, California – Felony Grand Theft, Reduced to Misdemeanor Theft after Nolo contendere plea; 120 days in detention (Source: Los Angeles Times)
  • November 2011, California – Failure to Complete Community Service; 30 days in detention (Source: Business Insider)
  • November 2012, California – Obstructing an investigation, Giving false information to a police officer, Reckless Driving (Source: Los Angeles Times)
  • November 2012, New York – Misdemeanor assault (Source: Los Angeles Times)

I can’t imagine how she’s still walking free. I support, believe, and praise judicial compassion, but judges are people, too, and I just can’t believe one of them hasn’t gone totally ballistic at the disrespect she appears to be showing the law.

Also, “Meatpacking district” is an inherently funny place name.