More than 38% of adults and 45.5% of children live in households without a land-line telephone, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means two in every five U.S. homes, or 39%, are wireless, up from 26.6% three years ago. Moreover, a scant 8.5% of households relied only on a land line, while 2% were phoneless in 2013.

via Why AT&T and Verizon aren’t hung up on land lines – Jennifer Waters’s Consumer Confidential – MarketWatch.

iphoneforblogI’m not exactly sure why the CDC tracks land-line phone / wireless phone statistics, but this little gem (from a longer article about why AT&T and other carriers aren’t pushing for land-line sales any more) is interesting. You can read the full report from the CDC by clicking here.

I no longer have a traditional “home phone”, but I’ve kept my number. Are you a “wireless only” family?

If so, why did you make that choice?

Do you think the wireless network is reliable enough for even emergencies?

Do you have children, and if so, do they have their own phones? Depending on their ages, do you leave them “home alone” with a wireless phone?