“All will be well
You can ask me how but only time will tell”

Transitions, challenges, uncertainty, discord, mourning, sometimes unwanted beginnings and endings — these are things we face year in and year out, day by day. Julian of Norwich said, “All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” She was wondering why sin exists — this was Jesus’ answer to her: That all things will be resolved — eventually.

Several years ago I was speaking with a young man faced with the consequences of his actions. His choices had altered his life forever; not necessarily in a bad way, but his choices had placed him on a path he would never have chosen. He despaired at lost opportunities, what he said was his “lost future”. He’ll tell you now that he turned lemons into lemonade. He’s wrong; he wasn’t handed lemons; he was handed a different set of circumstances than he’d anticipated. Ultimately, he embraced, with some reluctant joy, the new opportunities that were presented to him. All manner of thing shall be well.

All will be well, but sometimes only time will tell how. Sometimes we cry out for mercy, for relief from pain or tribulation that may seem illogical or irrational to others. It’s at these times, especially these times of private pain, that we should lean on the realization that things will work out, eventually. Perhaps not on our timeline, but eventually, in God’s time. Healing will come; peace will come; joy can return. All will be well.